One Sunday, Four Churches

Now that seminary is over, we have begun the process of visiting churches, meeting pastors, and discovering the people God has in mind for us to partner with our mission of planting churches in Germany.

It’s a great honor to be doing your job just by going to worship! So this will be the first in an ongoing series of posts about what we learn as we attend many churches, and what valuable nuggets believers would profit from hearing. Today we visit four churches in Louisville, KY: Daylight Church, Adventure Christian Church (our home church), Lyndon Christian Church, and Heathen Church.

Church 1: Daylight Church,

Sundays@9am, in the Stonybrook 20 movie theater.
Website: image Sermon title: The discombobulating, totally frustrating, magnificently awesome task of changing the world.

Changing the world is messy business. When you seek to move the needle on one problem, you have to be prepared for a chain reaction of causes and effects, leading back to your own life. Changing the world will require You to make changes, sacrifices, and uncomfortable stands.

The tension between caring for self and caring for others is a real one, but here’s our anchor in that tug-of-war: “Now if we have died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him.” (Romans 6:8). Remembering this will free us up to move up and down the rope, ministering to those pulling against us, knowing that Jesus has covered our needs.

“You do what you can do, God will do what he can do, and you get to just sit back and watch the fireworks!”

Church plants are always fun to visit. The worship is more stripped down and the song lyrics speak louder than in bigger sets. The preaching was convicting and the environment feels like everyone there is part of the mission of the church. Loved Daylight Church this morning.

Church 2: Adventure Christian Church,

Sundays@10am, in Bluegrass Industrial Park (Ruckriegel Pkwy in JTown)
Website: image Sermon Title: Just Google It: The 21 Most searched Bible Verses. (This week: John 10:10; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Matthew 11:28)

John 10:10 – Jesus’ “Thief” in John 10 is the legalistic teaching of the day. We are called to be witnesses to the most exhilarating relationship possible, with the creator of the universe. That is having “life to the fullest.”

2 Cor 5:17 – “If you have accepted Christ, the guilt trip should be over!” The old way of struggling in the slavery of sin is over! The new life is for Freedom! We have Grace! Stop believing the lie that you aren’t worth Christ’s sacrifice.

Matthew 11:28 – The old system was broken and was a heavy burden to bear. The new system is Grace. Jesus wants to give our souls, but we have to come to him and surrender to him.

Adventure is the place I “grew into” my faith. You will be free to come as you are, but challenged to become who God wants you to be.

Church 3: Lyndon Christian Church,

Sundays@10am, in Lyndon on LaGrange Road near Lyndon Lane

This was a great exercise in “Why it’s important to check the church’s website for special events.” I went to the church for their 2PM service (which is a cool offering, by the way), only to find that today was the church’s 61st Anniversary! What a fun celebration! In this day and age when churches are closing their doors, it is quite an accomplishment to still be impacting God’s Kingdom after six decades! I’m looking forward to visiting in the future, and next time, I will check the website first (where the event was clearly advertised).

I’ve listened to some of the teaching from this church, and the preaching is great and biblically solid, and everyone I have spoken with has been extremely friendly. If you need a church home in Louisville’s East End, this is definitely one to check out. 

Church 4: Heathen Church,

Sundays@10am, in South Louisville near Churchill Downs

I LOVE walking into the church and seeing diversity; it feels like a small piece of Heaven, where the uniting factor is worshiping our Savior! What a blessing to join at Heathen Church, the contemporary service at Grace Methodist Church in South Louisville. From the moment we walked in, the environment made us feel like part of the family, and I just have to say, when your three-year-old wants to go make friends with all the other boys he sees, that is such a joy.

This was Trinity Sunday by the Methodist Lectionary, so we celebrated the Trinity, and the beautiful, confounding, complex doctrine that is the Godhead.

From pastor Corey: “Heretics often get a bad rap. We remember them as these awful guys, but in reality, they were mostly devout, extremely devoted Christians, who tried to explain the complexities of God, and fell somewhere outside of what we now call orthodox faith. But they weren’t bad guys.”

Important lesson learned: If the pastor has long hair, it is possible likely that a three-year-old will ask him if he is a boy or a girl. You’ve been warned (Just ask Corey Nelson, Heathen Church Pastor!).

Until next Sunday, Grace and Peace!

2 thoughts on “One Sunday, Four Churches

  1. Will you guys come visit our chirch, Sovereign Grace? We would love to see you there:) It is also a church plant.

    April Squires


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