What do you fear?

It’s amazing how much God can prepare you to serve him.

As a part of our journey to move to Germany and plant churches, we need the help of churches here, so every week we visit a different church and get to hear a different message, each of which always seems extremely relevant to what we are dealing with now, and what we will face in the near future.

Here on the blog, we will try to bring brief summaries of some of the messages we have heard recently and how they have spoken to us:

The Lord Is My Shepherd, Fairdale Christian Church

We were very impressed with Fairdale Christian Church. The congregation was very intergenerational, and there was an energy and excitement from most people about simply being able to worship together.

802_Psalm23_Shepherd-Lamb-628x400Pastor Brandon was in the midst of a sermon series on Psalm 23. That’s ambitious on two counts because of its familiarity and brevity.

But the core of his message was the trust that the “sheep” in the metaphor had in the Shepherd. Even though God sometimes leads us through a dark valley (v. 4), we are reminded of their Shepherd’s character (He makes me lie down in green pastures; he leads me beside still waters) in Verse 2, and we can find comfort in his promises in verses 5-6.

The reason those dark valleys are difficult, however, is because they reveal where our faith truly lies. For us, it is scary to take our kids overseas into a secular culture. If for no other reason, we are concerned that their relationships with Jesus will be impacted by a culture of atheism.

For us another fear is the “what if” of it all. What if the support dries up? What if people don’t honor commitments? What if we end up not going? What if, what if, what if?

Our fears are the places in our life where we lose sight of the character and promises of God. Perhaps this reveals about us that our faith, or identity, or purpose, are wrapped up in raising kids or becoming missionaries more so than in our identity as a child of God washed by the blood of Jesus.

This was a timely message that we needed to hear.

Pray for us as we set out into a new life and a new home. Pray for the growing pains that will make some days hard between Mallorie and me. Pray for our kids. Pray for the churches that we will visit, that they would be moved by the need for churches in Europe and help to support us.

Partner with us financially to make this a reality. Partner with us by talking to friends and family members on our behalf and encouraging them to support us as well. Partner with us by buying one of these awesome shirts designed by us before December 1 to raise funds for this move. Partner with us in opening doors to your church and missions committee to build our network of like-minded believers who want to see the gospel preached everywhere!

Thanks so much for your prayers and support,


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