The big “YES”

In November 2014, Nick and I sat across from Rob Harris, the U.S. Director of Kontaktmission, and he asked us, “So, are you in?”

The answer was, “Yes.”

Yes is such a tiny word with such big implications. That day we were saying yes to becoming missionaries, and tonight we sat across from Rob on our computer and asked, “So, can we go?” and he answered, “Yes.”

Yes, we are leaving for Germany in five weeks.

Yes, we are excited.

Yes, we are also scared.

Yes, we are ready.

Yes, we are sure because we have been charged with the most important task: spreading the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord. We are ready to do that because we are his disciples, and we will always say, “Yes, Lord! Send me.” In the past he has sent us to minister to all sorts of people in all sorts of places, and today he is sending us to Germany.

Thank you for sharing in the excitement of being the hands and feet of Jesus. What an honor it is to be called his sons and daughters, and we are praying that our yes will draw people to him. We are also praying that whatever it is God is asking you to do for his glory will also be answered with a yes.


Nick, Mallorie, and Cade enjoying Germany themed treats after the big YES!

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