Two Weeks To Takeoff!

RIGHT NOW is the time to help.

It doesn’t feel possible, but here we are in MARCH, only 15 days away from our departure date!

I can’t stress this enough: NOW is the time to help, to take action, to mail (yes, actually physically send) commitments, to actually, digitally go to our PayPal page and give.

YOU have the opportunity to advance God’s Kingdom by ensuring our ministry’s success.

Here are three ways you can help RIGHT NOW to make our ministry as successful as possible.


That’s right, we need you to give. Our funds are healthy enough to GO, but we are in this for the long haul. We need your help in the form of monthly commitments! CLICK HERE, and set up a monthly payment RIGHT NOW!

We also still need about $7k more in our startup funds. You can CLICK HERE to set up a one-time gift as well.


We need your help growing our network. Introduce us to friends, family, and pastors who will get excited about the gospel spreading. You can help by putting us in touch with them and letting us share our vision for reaching a spiritually dark region. Call Nick RIGHT NOW at 502-262-7872, and let’s talk about who you know.

You know people who love Jesus’ church more than life itself. You can honor them by giving them the opportunity to invest in a new ministry.

If you have been watching from the sides, and thinking about partnering with us, praying for our ministry but not partnering with us, please help us get to that goal before we head out!

Don’t count on someone else to do it!

TODAY is the day. Jesus is (and the Burczyks are) counting on you!

Hitting the Preaching Circuit

We are spending our last few Sundays in the states keeping very busy. We were honored to spend the last two Sundays at Jeffersontown UMC and Cooper Memorial UMC. Nick got to preach, and the churches were such welcoming and supporting places.

THIS Sunday (3/6), we will be at River Valley Christian Church to preach again and to share more of our vision for our ministry.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the following things:

  • Pray for this final push for support to be fruitful. And PLEASE, help where you can.
  • We are closing in on an apartment, and will keep you updated, so that we will hopefully have a home to land in when we land!
  • For Eide and Helga, our mentors in Germany, as they work to spread the gospel, and for their church, Christusgemeinde Laatzen.
  • For our hearts and our family member’s hearts in these last two weeks. There are many difficult goodbyes right around the corner.
  • For our son, Cade, to adjust well to being immersed in German culture.
  • For Christ to be powerfully glorified in Germany, especially in light of all the chaos in the country right now.

Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers!

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