Holy Moly, This is Real! (Edition 2,174,829)

I am happy to announce that as of last night, we have a home!!! That means that this whole moving to Europe thing is REAL! I mean, I’ve known that it’s real, but now it feels really really real.


This phenomenon will fade, I’m sure. But right now, around every corner lies yet another realization that we are either really bold or really crazy (but most likely a little of each). There have already been so many moments like this one:

The day we said “Yes!” to becoming missionaries with Kontaktmission.

The day Mallorie left teaching, and thus our primary source of income.

The day movers came and crated our things to ship overseas.

The day we sold our kitchen table, which was a wedding gift and had been a part of every home we’ve lived in. It was where Cade ate his first food, and was very hard to part with. That was a day when this felt real.

The day we moved out of our house and emptied the last things out of it.

The day we flew to Europe, but even more so, the day that Rob and Carla Harris, our US director and his wife, drove away from the hotel and left us—they left us!— in Germany.

Getting left in Germany from Nick and Mallorie Burczyk on Vimeo.

The day we stood in an empty apartment, lit only by a flood light, at 10pm, and signed our first lease in Europe.

We have a home. And once again, this whole thing feels real.

What will be next?

The day I preach my first sermon in German, it will finally feel real.

Our first baptism here will make it feel real.

Maybe it will be the day we step away from a church we’ve planted—leaving the leaders we have trained in charge—to go start another church in a country that desperately needs churches.

That is a day when it will all feel very real.

Please pray for our family as we make Germany home, and for the many more “this is real” moments to come!



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