The Fools of Hannover

Happy April Fool’s Day! In honor of this day dedicated to general tomfoolery, we decided to share with you a few of the times we have made fools of ourselves by mistakenly butchering the German language. Please enjoy a laugh at our expense on this fine day! 

Situation 1: Mallorie tries to tell the bible study group about our move. She means to tell them, “Our things are on a ship,” but instead tells them, “Our things are on a sheep.” That is one brawny sheep.

Situation 2: While visiting Mallorie’s aunt, Cade begins to play with the Easter egg garden on her coffee table. Nick means to ask her, “Is it okay if he counts the eggs?” He asks this repeatedly, and she continually gives him a befuddled look. Finally, she realizes Cade wants to count the eggs, but since Nick has been asking her if he could buy the eggs, it took her a minute to understand. Clearly it will take us much longer to speak German well!

Situation 3: Mallorie attempts to connect with the server we have seen most mornings at our hotel. After Nick describes how we only have one plug-in light right now that we will have to move from room to room to work, Mallorie attempts to be funny in German. Big mistake. She means to say, “When we need to take a shower, we will all have to stand in the bathroom with our one light.” Instead, she makes things super awkward by saying, “When we need to take a shower, we will all stand in it together.” Errrrmmm…

We know there are many more faux pas to come in our language learning, and hopefully we will keep a good attitude about them! Happy April Fool’s Day!

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