The blessing of (forced) exercise

My car has never gone on strike.

Imagine my surprise when I went to the train station today to get an early jump on a productive day, and I found this message waiting for me on the arrival board:

You can see from the caption that my first response was “Well, shoot.”
But then I had a mile-and-a-half walk in what turned out to be a gloriously chilly and crisp and sunny morning, and I realized how blessed I was. Public transit has been great for us and our family since we got here to Hannover. Even our cars back home that never went on strike had days when they were out of commission.

I’m thankful that I have stores within walking distance, thankful for legs and health that allow me to do the walking, thankful that the day was sunny and bright and not rainy. I’m thankful that before noon I’ll have walked about 3 miles and gotten in a good workout for the day. I’m thankful for the dozens of business men and women, in town for a major trade fair and sharing my fate, who shared knowing looks and smirks and chuckles along the way.

And I’m thankful that thankfulness is an attitude, and that God used some forced exercise to change mine today.



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