Just When You Think You’ve Got It.

I was on the playground today with Cade when one of the moms from Mallorie’s Spielkreis (lit. “Play circle,” or play group for little ones) came by, daughter in tow. 

We talked for a minute and had a great conversation in German (it’s coming along, by golly!) when this mom asked me about my having been sick earlier in the week. 

She was referring to a headache that caused me to leave class early the previous Monday. I came home and slept it off while Mallorie went to spielkreis and (I suppose) it to the others. 

I tried to explain to her I wasnt really sick, but that:

“Ich hatte eine Migraine.”

But of course German is not that easy. What I actually said was, 

“Ich hätte eine migraine.”

Which, roughly translated, changes the meaning from “I had a migraine,” to 

“I’d love to have a migraine.”

Just when you think you have it down…

Three cheers for humility!


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