Wenn Schon Denn Schon

This German phrase is one of my favorites.

Wenn schon denn schon.

I’m sure you could try to translate it literally, but it basically means, “if it needs doing, do it up right.”

I love this mentality. It keeps me on my feet when I want to take shortcuts!

Germans tend to not skimp on the details of projects. The needed tech, tools, or touches are always in order, and the job comes off well. There is planning and intentionality, and quality is important.

I have LOVED being immersed in this mindset.

But never has it been more physically visible than in the last weeks. My bike ride home from language school got rerouted today, because it was the end (teardown) of Maschseefest (MOSH-zay-fest)!!!


This is the Maschsee, in the middle of Hannover. And it is huge. **Unlike the water at the Rio olympics, the water is not really this color.

Maschseefest is the biggest festival of the year in Hannover. I’m the middle of the city center we have a 1.25-mile long lake. It’s just monstrous. And the ENTIRE perimeter is surrounded by food stands, stage after stage after stage after stage of live music, promotions from radio stations, water sports, you name it.

But it wasn’t just the quantity, it was the quality! I’m used to festivals with food trailers and port-o-pots. funnel cakes and turkey legs, and piecemeal metal barriers and trampled grass (read: mud), and everything is up and down within a few days.

(Click photos to enlarge).

I saw the preparations for this weeks in advance. An elevated floor/boardwalk was laid around the whole length of the northern and eastern banks, complete with piping for plumbing systems laid underneath; several food vendors were all-out restaurants or bars; they all looked like they had permanently been there, with two-story beach cabanas and Bavarian hunting-lodged themed buildings; beach areas were laid out and covered in inches-deep sand to create a beach club effect; drinks were served in real glasses (often with a 1€ deposit to keep people honest); everything was just (to my eyes) wonderfully over the top.

And it made for a great atmosphere to go and enjoy a beautiful afternoon with friends.

So next time you’re thinking about taking on a project and see opportunities to cut corners, or want to just get started and “do” skmething, don’t be afraid to say to yourself, “Wenn schon denn schon.”

And be sure to think of us when you sit back and appreciate a job well done!




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