Would you like to ride home with me?

Mallorie here! Every day I bike about six miles to and from Sprachschule (language school), weather permitting. It is a really beautiful and peaceful ride, so today I stopped a couple of times so that I could share the view with you. Here are some of my favorite stops along the way.


These are the “Nanas,” a set of statues installed in 1974 by Niki Saint de Phalle. They have become such a landmark to the city that in 2000, Hannover named the artist an honorary citizen.


The Beginenturm across the river from the Nanas. This was part of the original city walls and is the oldest building in Hannover, first mentioned in 1357. Fun fact: this sits on the “high bank” of the Leine River, which gives Hannover its name. The original name of the town was “Am hohen Ufer,” or the city “on the high bank,” but was later known as “Hannover.”


The “New” city hall was completed in 1913, making it 103 years old! But when your “old” one dates back to 1420 (and is still in use!), you just gotta splurge once every 500 years or so. The town hall is one of the best photo-ops in town, as it was untouched during the war, serving as a landmark for pilots flying overhead.


Here is the north shore of the Maschsee, which we wrote about here. The massive lake was finished in the city center in the mid-1930s.


A beautiful, blue-sky view of the Maschsee. We paid those people to go sailing for this photo opportunity 🙂


Still the Maschsee. But here is “Löwenbastien,” a huge raised platform looking out over the lake, guarded by two huge lions (in statue form, of course).

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