A day in the life

When we first began doing research into missionary life, one of the questions we asked missionaries we met most often was: “What does your day actually look like?” We received a wide variety of answers, which was both helpful and unhelpful for our overly-analytical brains. Needless to say, there were two big take-aways that we heard over and over again (and have proven to be true for us): 1) missionaries need to be self-starters, and 2) missionaries need to be flexible. 
Our schedule has been in a constant state of flux since we arrived in Germany, largely because of langauge school and Cade’s activities. Still, we wanted to give you a peek into what our lives look like right now and share some of the things coming up that will need to find their place in our schedule.

Monday mornings: While Cade goes to kindergarten, Mallorie and Clara go to “Spielkreis,” which is a community play group. Nick meets with people and studies German. 

Monday afternoons: Mallorie takes Cade to piano lessons, and Nick goes to langauge school. 

Monday evenings: This is one of the only evenings where we don’t have a lot going on as a family, so we try to take it easy and enjoy each other’s company. 

Tuesday mornings: Cade goes to kindergarten, Mallorie meets a Christian girlfriend for coffee and laughter, and Nick meets with Eide to discuss church planting and the “Hauskreis,” or home group, that will meet later that day in Laatzen, the suburb of Hannover where we live.  

Tuesday afternoons: Nick goes to language school while Mallorie stays with the kids. Soon Mallorie will be teaching English as a second language on Tuesday afternoons to some new friends preparing to move to America. 

Tuesday evenings: We eat dinner together before Nick goes to Hauskreis. Then he is gone, and Mallorie puts both kids to bed, which is like herding cats. 

Wednesday mornings: Cade goes to kindergarten, Mallorie studies German (alone without tiny people… woot!), and Nick hangs with Clara. 

Wednesday afternoons: Nick goes to langauge school, and immediately after it is finished, he picks Cade up so they can go to “Fußball” (soccer) training. Nick is one of the two trainers, and that role has already opened up a lot of doors in our community. 

Wednesday evenings: These are basically a frantic sprint to bedtime! Nick and Cade don’t get home from soccer until around 6:30, so it gets crazy! 

Thursday morning: You guessed it! Cade does, in fact, go to kindergarten. This is the other big study day for Mallorie, which means Nick is hanging with Clara. Oftentimes this day is flexible, and we will meet with people when necessary. 

Thursday afternoons: While Nick is in language school, Mallorie usually plans a play date with one of Cade’s kindergarten friends. We have gotten to know so many families this way! 

Thursday evenings: This is one of the nights where we host people pretty often, but soon it will be the night when the choir Nick is directing meets. More on that later. 

Friday mornings: Cade talks for thirty minutes straight on the commute to kindergarten (we take a train and then walk) about the inner-workings of kindergarten politics. Mallorie goes to Spielkreis with Clara, and Nick almost always meets someone for coffee and conversation. 

Friday afternoons: Nick gets a break from language school on Fridays, but not from soccer! He and Cade train every Friday afternoon. 

Friday evenings: See Wednesday evening. Rinse and repeat. 

Saturdays: Saturdays are usually taken up by either a soccer tournament (did you guys know Germans are super into soccer?) or hosting people, and oftentimes it is both. 

Sundays: We attend church in Hannover, and it is great. The people there and at the Laatzen Hauskreis have become our new church family. Sometimes Nick plays in the band, and he will preach more later this year. Sunday afternoons and evenings are either spent as a family, hosting people, or being hosted by someone. 

As you can see, the bulk of our time is spent learning the langauge or building relationships. That’s the most effective thing we can be doing right now in order to bring people to Jesus in the long-term.

We have mentioned it in other places, but it’s worth mentioning here as well that the church in Hannover is producing a musical comedy in November. Nick is directing the choir, and Mallorie will play the part of the Queen (yes, the one from England). That will start taking up quite a bit more of our time. Other things that are coming up that will impact our schedule include: Mallorie taking another language  course, Nick preaching and leading more in German, people visiting from America, our organization’s yearly meeting, and Cade starting “Grundschule” (elementary school). 

It’s going to be a busy year, but we are thrilled to be part of what God is doing here in Germany! 

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