Speaking to the heart

love-313416_1280Throughout my life, my mom has been really good at gift-giving. It wasn’t just the big gift-giving seasons that really showcased her aptitiude; it was also an ability in the small moments. When I was still living at home, I would come home from a regular old Tuesday at high school to find a funky pair of socks or a bag of my favorite candy laying on my bed, and she would always be thrilled to see how excited I’d get. In fact, when I visited the states with the kids in February, she had a little stack of perfectly curated gifts on that same bed awaiting our arrival. Any of you who know her know that this is just a particular, thoughtful talent of hers. She knows how to speak to the hearts of others.

While learning to speak German, there has constantly been a motivation in the back of my mind pushing me to go through flashcards in the wee hours of the night: I want to be able to speak to the hearts of others. I am not necessarily as good at little surprises as my mom is, but I am working on honing the craft in other ways. One of those ways is learning to speak German well enough that I can listen to a friend and really understand her emotional needs. I want to be able to offer prayer and encouragement in my new language that is authentic and shows that I have really heard them.

There are a lot of people in our lives who don’t know the love of Jesus, and it is up to us to start becoming fluent in the language of their hearts. How can we serve them? How can we encourage them? How can we breathe the good news of the gospel into their lives? It has to begin with us desiring to speak to their hearts.

Please pray for one or two people this week whose hearts you’d like to speak to.

Liebe Grüße,


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