Two Year Deutsch-iversary!

We are a couple of weeks late in posting this, but… we are celebrating TWO YEARS of being on the field as missionaries in Germany! Time has flown by, and we couldn’t be more excited with where we are and how God is using us. March 17, 2018 was our official second Deutsch-iversary, so we wanted to share a few reflections to mark the occasion.

When you first start serving in a country that speaks a different language, things move soooo slowly. Until they don’t. 

Upon arrival, our lives were basically just a series of filling out paperwork, visiting offices with insanely limited hours, and struggling to figure out things like how to pay our bills or install lights. Immediately following, we embarked upon our language learning journeys. We quickly learned that fluency is not a finish line, but it was still challenging not to be able to express ourselves (Ich kann mich nicht ausdrücken!).

Once we started settling into using German everyday, we had to figure out what it looked like to, you know, live here.  Before we knew it, we were celebrating our FIRST Deutsch-iversary, we sent Cade off to first grade in a German school, and we just generally breathed a sight of relief. Alles hat gut geklappt (everything worked out well)!

After we announced our plans for 2018, things accelerated very quickly. Our first home group is thriving, and we are so blessed to be a part of that. It took a long time and a lot of learning to get to this point, but things are happening! We are just along for the ride the holy spirit has us on in Germany.

Here are some things we look forward during our third trip around the sun in Germany:

  • Nick co-preached with our teammate, Eide Schwing, today at a church about an hour away. They will preach again together next week.
  • On May 6, we will have our second quarterly service with Christus-Gemeinde Laatzen. Nick will preach, and Mallorie will lead the children’s program.
  • We will continue being involved with Christus-Gemeinde Hannover.
  • In May,  a good friend of ours who is praying about God’s calling for him in Germany will visit. He will stay with us for most of May, and although we are hoping and praying that he will join our team, our real hope is that God would reveal himself clearly to our friend during his time with us.
  • At the end of May, we will help lead a workshop on acculturation in a foreign context at Kontaktmission’s Crash Weekend, a weekend designed to prepare and send short-term workers. We will also lead worship that weekend. This is part of a larger role we have taken on with KM this year as the European coordinators (or something quasi-official sounding like that) of GoConnect, the short-term branch of the organization.
  • Speaking of that role, we will work to coordinate several short-term visits for prospective missionaries and expand our relationships with missionaries across Europe to better develop those opportunities.
  • In the middle of June, we have an awesome couple coming to stay with us on part of a global tour. The husband was one of our youth (How cool is that?! Also, how old are we?!), and he and his awesome wife are making this trip to better understand where God wants them to serve. We would love for them to serve in Europe, but regardless of where they land, we are THRILLED to see where he leads them.
  • At the end of June, we will fly to Louisville for our first reporting trip. We won’t have all been in Kentucky together for almost 2 1/2 years, so this is exciting. We look forward to catching up with our family, friends, and supporting churches.
  • The fall holds two more quarterly services, more meetings for our home group, and who knows how many other new ministry opportunities. We will keep you in the loop!

Thank you so much to all of you who have prayed for us, encouraged us, and supported us financially over these last two years. You are such a blessing in our lives and enable us to do what we do each day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please keep praying that our friends and neighbors will see Jesus through us and will want to know him for themselves.

If you would like to join our support team by giving a one-time or monthly gift, please click here.

Here’s to many more!

Nick and Mallorie

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